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Powerful Lead Capture Forms

Connect with Your customers in new ways.

At XYZ we really love forms. Within minutes you can create forms with all sorts of 'bells and whistles' from subscriber forms, to forms that hide pages, unlock offers, process coupons that you send your customers tied to unique identifiers such as their email or even just share that coupon with the world, you can even make the classic generic funnel form.

Don't worry about the data, or echoing rows XYZ Leads comes with a full fledged easy to view backend so your data never skips a beat.

Three ways to make those forms Shine

Cover your Back and Front ends.

Did we mention we love forms? Well we always love designing them. You get three ways to put those forms on pages. You can choose from the many Done-For-You copy and paste Iframes. You can use your own form that already exists on your current webpage just use our guidlines. Don't have a website yet? The we built an entire drag-and-drop website builder that you get full access to just so you can display those forms.

At the end of the day forms are the life-blood of your online endevors . You can communicate with your visitors 24/7.

If you build it they will come

But they'll come faster if you put a sign out front.

You've got the forms, you've got the website. Now you need signs to bring people in! So we put together a curated collection of the best images that are fully editable, get-able , and social media ready.Just insert text click a few filters and download to post!

So you can stop worrying about upgrading to that $5000 super computer just to open the latest photo editing software.

Not sure how to describe your Beautiful Creation?

XYZ Leads gets your tounge back from the cat.

Sometimes we all need a new opener, or interesting way to follow up with a new client. So we put together a ever growing list of copywriting templates to get you started in any situation.

All jokes aside, no really we keep our jokes out of the writing. But we can add them as an additional feature if enough people can bear our humor!

Of course you get the Data Too!

All of the above only work for you if you've got the data to back it up. Take a look at the types of date your getting bellow.


Need we say More?

Learn by Doing.